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If you're going down the route of a Zero Waste Party (or trying to cut down on waste) then reusable plastic plates are the way to go. However, there are some other simple steps you can take to reduce waste in other areas of your party planning.

Insta worthy?

Maybe you've been scouring the internet for inspiration for your child's party and have found some amazing ideas. The problem is, lots of it will be single use items. Although these things will look good on the day, and make the perfect Insta post for the party, they might not be waste free. Your child probably won't remember the decorations as much as you think, so maybe go for 'less is more' saving money and waste.


Lots of decorations for parties are plastic/foil based and single use. You could switch these for paper based decorations such as crepe paper streamers or tissue paper pom poms. Or have a look on Facebook Marketplace and ask friends and family to see if anyone has decorations to share. Alternatively go for more generic 'happy birthday' decorations that can be used over and over again.

Zero Food Waste

There's never going to be 'zero' waste at a kids party, let's be honest. But there are some steps you can take to cut down on waste. Over catering is always an issue, so open packets as you go, rather than opening them all at the beginning of the party. That way, unopened bags can be saved for another day rather than being wasted. And make sure you've got some takeaway boxes on hand, so that leftover food can be packaged up without using cling film.

Portioned Products

Single portion products might seem like less hassle, but they often use more plastic. For example, single packets of crisps use a lot more plastic than a bigger bag that can be shared out. Our party platters and bowls are perfect for this kind of thing.

Plastic Free Party Bags

Party bags are often full of plastic! Many are small plastic toys that get lost or binned shortly after the party. Why not go for one bigger item for each child, rather than lots of little things. Not quite ready to give up all the toys? Some simple swaps can be paper bags instead of plastic ones which come in all sorts of colours or can be decorated to match your theme. Or small tubes of smarties which are now entirely plastic free!

The Last Straw

Needless to say, skip the plastic straw. If you want to provide straws opt for ones made from recycled or sustainable materials (and are themselves compostable or biodegradable) or consider reusables that people can take home with them.

Napk-in or Napk-out

Maybe your child is more sophisticated than mine, but when do they ever have a napkin apart from at a party? Hardly ever! So why do we have them at parties? Despite being made of paper, most napkins aren't recyclable and if they are printed with a design they take a lot more energy to produce. They might look pretty on the table, but this is one easy way to cut down on waste. Just make sure you have some spare tea towels or cloths on hand for

any spilled drinks!

Pre-loved Presents

Everyone loves a good bargain, and second-hand presents are another way to cut down on waste. You could let parents know that you are happy to receive second-hand gifts. Or if you are gifting to someone else, and not sure how it will be received, you could give a second-hand item with a smaller, new item to test the water.

Pass the Parcel

Every loves pass the parcel, even adults! Unless you're the one left clearing up the rubbish. Well there's an easy way to go waste free and save you some time in wrapping the layers. You can switch wrapping paper layers for material and use string/ribbon/elastic bands to secure it.

Burst the Balloon

Balloons are great fun, but are also single use and full of plastic or rubber. Even biodegradable balloons can take years to break down and only in the right conditions. An alternative to single use balloons is using tissue paper pom-poms which look great for hanging up. Or if you want something the kids can play with, why not get some beach balls which can then be given away at the end of the party instead of a party bag.

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